Holy Cow folks, I'm going to California!!! And I'm draggin LA with me.

an offer from some beautiful people and new friends in my life. They want us to come to Morro Bay CA and play for their wedding.  We leave on 10/10 and return on 10/16/. I'm going to have at least three days of lounging on the coast with a gorgeous view and glass of vino in hand. It's gonna happen peeps and I'm so excited! Pics will happen to document this spectacular time>

People often ask me how I came up with the name Motel Funk.

They think we're a funk band and I can understand that, and I am a funky singer who loves me some Chaka Kahn, Marvin Gaye and Maroon Five.


But that's not how it happened:

This band has morphed from what was once a 9 piece band complete with horns and another female vocalist.

The leader of the band was Greg Paul and it was Greg Paul's New Band..even after it was two years old.

Greg had a great vision, we played  Originals, Steely Dan, Delbert McClinton, to No Doubt, and beyond. We opened for AWB, Pat Benatar, Leon Russell, and even Little feet. It was a blast and a lot of work and it was really taking off at the wrong time. Bands were downsizing, and horn sections were on the outs, much less keys, unless you were making no money at all.


So little by little we made changes, we kept the horns as long as we could, Greg left, we got a new guitarist and renamed the band…wait for it…Soul Source. I know. We had a contest and that's what won, you should have seen the other choices.

Moving ahead to becoming a four piece band. We  Hung on to some of the same material changed to new genres.

New name, Drivin' Blind., I got the name from the title cut of the first Little Feet album that Shaun Murphy was the lead vocalist.I was in love with that CD. I though the name was cool, most of the club owners didn't get it.

We used to play out of town a lot, one day while checking in to our 1 and 1/2 star hotel, I was with my bass player, he was helping me with my bags.

As we walked down the dimly lit hall I was becoming a bit skeptical about the accommodations. We came to my room and he opened the door. We stood outside and peered in…he looked at me and said. "honey, this room has that..Motel Funk" And the name was born.


That was a pretty memorable gig. Not because I remember much of it, we partied pretty hard, but I'll never forget the day I felt I was walking into a speak easy and  performing. Motel Funk.. a place where anything goes…"c'mon in, we'll leave a light on!"

Well, you gotta try new places..you get comfortable and complacent in your regular haunts. Think you're a superstar. So you venture out in search of new, uncharted territory and sometimes it works and sometimes........


Last Saturday we ran into a bit of a pickle...get it?? Lucky Dill...Pickle...okay...moving on.

I received a call in April from an agent..I usually don't go this route...too may years of contradictions and disappointments but hey..they called me! Gigs offered with no work involved have to at least be considered.

We talked about dates and he booked us at the Lucky Dill in Palm Harbor. New Place, not too far, We have friends in the Northern Pinellas area. Sounded like another good band booking possibility.  I even sent an email to the agent on 5/30 to ask about the stage configuration and got an answer so I figured all parties and planets were aligned.

We arrived on 6/2 early, much to the on-duty manager's surprise..the gist of the story is, they claim we weren't on the calender and the agent claimed we were and we walked away ( not without a bit of a fight of course, I'm not a push over ya know) empty handed. no gig, no pay.

At this point I am waiting per email today, on a resolution. If one comes we will see you on June 30th with bells on. We thank all of our peeps who were on the way Saturday when we had to text and stop you in your tracks. We hope if we go back you can come and pack the place so they can see what they missed the first time around..I'll keep you posted...you know...blog...posted....moving on

To be continued

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