Lucky Dill Pickle

Well, you gotta try new get comfortable and complacent in your regular haunts. Think you're a superstar. So you venture out in search of new, uncharted territory and sometimes it works and sometimes........


Last Saturday we ran into a bit of a pickle...get it?? Lucky Dill...Pickle...okay...moving on.

I received a call in April from an agent..I usually don't go this route...too may years of contradictions and disappointments but hey..they called me! Gigs offered with no work involved have to at least be considered.

We talked about dates and he booked us at the Lucky Dill in Palm Harbor. New Place, not too far, We have friends in the Northern Pinellas area. Sounded like another good band booking possibility.  I even sent an email to the agent on 5/30 to ask about the stage configuration and got an answer so I figured all parties and planets were aligned.

We arrived on 6/2 early, much to the on-duty manager's surprise..the gist of the story is, they claim we weren't on the calender and the agent claimed we were and we walked away ( not without a bit of a fight of course, I'm not a push over ya know) empty handed. no gig, no pay.

At this point I am waiting per email today, on a resolution. If one comes we will see you on June 30th with bells on. We thank all of our peeps who were on the way Saturday when we had to text and stop you in your tracks. We hope if we go back you can come and pack the place so they can see what they missed the first time around..I'll keep you on

To be continued

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