Go West young woman, GO West 

Holy Cow folks, I'm going to California!!! And I'm draggin LA with me.

an offer from some beautiful people and new friends in my life. They want us to come to Morro Bay CA and play for their wedding.  We leave on 10/10 and return on 10/16/. I'm going to have at least three days of lounging on the coast with a gorgeous view and glass of vino in hand. It's gonna happen peeps and I'm so excited! Pics will happen to document this spectacular time>

the story of the Motel Funk name 

People often ask me how I came up with the name Motel Funk.

They think we're a funk band and I can understand that, and I am a funky singer who loves me some Chaka Kahn, Marvin Gaye and Maroon Five.


But that's not how it happened:

This band has morphed from what was once a 9 piece band complete with horns and another female vocalist.

The leader of the band was Greg Paul and it was Greg Paul's New Band..even after it was two years old.

Greg had a great vision, we played  Originals, Steely Dan, Delbert…

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Lucky Dill Pickle 

Well, you gotta try new places..you get comfortable and complacent in your regular haunts. Think you're a superstar. So you venture out in search of new, uncharted territory and sometimes it works and sometimes........


Last Saturday we ran into a bit of a pickle...get it?? Lucky Dill...Pickle...okay...moving on.

I received a call in April from an agent..I usually don't go this route...too may years of contradictions and disappointments but hey..they called me! Gigs offered with no work involved have to…

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